Tuna Avocado Salad

The Rosewood Jeddah’s chef Amjad Ghandoor have kindly offered this ‘Noodles Restaurant’ recipe to JeddahFood visitors wishing to try their hand at making one of their signature dishes. Enjoy the Recipe! This is a very easy to make salad. Ingredients: 100g Tuna 60g Avocado 30g Mixed Lettuce 20g Sugar 10g Salt 100g Soy Dressing 50g […]

Rocca Salad Recipe

Abudllah Y sends us this recipe for what he describes as an extremely delicious, delightful, light, and easy to make salad. It takes no time to prepare and the result is just addictive. Many Thanks to Abdullah who will be receiving a brand new Jeddah Food.com Tshirt for this entry.

Crab-Leb Infusion Club Sandwich

Executive Chef Khaled Moussa was kind enough to send in his latest recipe for Crab-Leb Infusion Club Sandwich. This recipe is healthy yet fulfilling, gratifying and tasty; it’s a mixture of Lebanese and Far-Eastern ingredients combined together (Fusion Cuisine).

Cinnamon French Toast

This is the recipe for my favorite breakfast; it works as a dessert too. This meal is fast, easy and delicious.Combine egg and cinnamon with 3 table spoons of milk, and beat. Pour this mixture into a large shallow bowl. Trim the..

Mini Cardamom Seed Muffins

Chef Khaled Moussa was kind enough to send in his latest recipe for Mini Cardamom Seed Muffins, these tasty bites are ideal with an espresso coffee, and take no time to make! If you have a recipe of your own you would like to share, do send it in!

Date Tart

Great new Ramadan dessert recipe sent in by caromich, Why eat dates on their own when you can put them in a cake! This Date Tart recipe should go down well with all the family, so get cooking, tell us how it went, send in your recipes and you could win a great prize!

Om Ali Recipe

This Recipe for Om Ali (a favourite Middle Eastern pudding) is based on a recipe by Claudia Roden. In Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East, Om Ali is probably one of the most popular desserts available.Usually made with layers of filo or puff pastry, both produce excellent results:

Basbousa Homemade Recipe

Chef Amjad, Pastry Chef at the Sheraton Riyadh Hotel has sent in this great recipe for Basbousa (A Traditional Arabic Sweet). A Great dessert to share with the whole family at Iftar in Ramadan. There is also a great You Tube Video available where you can watch him prepare the dessert step by step.

Cheese Tartar Dip

Khaled Moussa is a Lebanese Chef who works in Ulysses company for Hospitality (a management and consulting company). He was kind enough to send in his recipe of Cheese Tartar Dip for that special evening event. Do you want to impress your friends? You have an upcoming reception..

Sayadieh Samak

Mohammed Jdaide , Oriental Chef at the Sheraton Riyadh has sent in this great recipe of Sayadieh Samak (Baked fish with rice) . You must try this recipe to get a feel for some great Saudi and Middle Eastern Cuisine. Download the recipe or watch the You Tube Video!

Traditional Italian Spaghetti

Emanuele head chef at the il Vilagio Restaurants in Jeddah has kindly sent us his special recipe for ‘Spaghetti al Crudo’ which is spaghetti with tomatoes,olives,capers and anchovies. Crudo means raw, so in this recipe the ingredients for the sauce are all uncooked.

Gnocchi Recipe

Emanuele was kind enough to send this recipe in for Gnocchi (home made pasta). This recipe should serve 4 people. Or perhaps 2 very hungry people! For those of you who don’t know Emanuele is the Head Chef at ‘Il Villagio Restaurants’ in Jeddah. Who offer “Italian dishes and products, all in elegant surroundings.” Read […]

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