Rocca Salad Recipe

Abudllah Y sends us this recipe for what he describes as an extremely delicious, delightful, light, and easy to make salad. It takes no time to prepare and the result is just addictive. Many Thanks to Abdullah who will be receiving a brand new Jeddah Tshirt for this entry.

Crab-Leb Infusion Club Sandwich

Executive Chef Khaled Moussa was kind enough to send in his latest recipe for Crab-Leb Infusion Club Sandwich. This recipe is healthy yet fulfilling, gratifying and tasty; it’s a mixture of Lebanese and Far-Eastern ingredients combined together (Fusion Cuisine).

Cinnamon French Toast

This is the recipe for my favorite breakfast; it works as a dessert too. This meal is fast, easy and delicious.Combine egg and cinnamon with 3 table spoons of milk, and beat. Pour this mixture into a large shallow bowl. Trim the..

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