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Driving along Sultan Road one evening, we passed by Buffalo Wings & Rings on the side. It being nearly dinner time, we decided to give it a try, as it looked really good from outside! The modern interiors give out a very smart and welcoming feel, with catchy one-liners all across the colourful walls.

The restaurant appears to cater to sport-lovers, as there were television screens all around (even in the menus room!) showing different sports channels, and their menu includes large party orders as well, such as for 10, 15, 20 people etc. Anyway we were just three people looking for a quiet yet delicious meal, and focused on the
basic menu!

Our waiter was very friendly and patient, as he stood through us going through the extensive menu and changing our order three or four times, before finally deciding! Theres a lot of choice- from salads and starters to sandwiches, pastas and needless to say, Buffalo wings! The wings- boneless or bone-in, come with a variety of sauces and dips, and a varying level of ‘hotness’, so they are basically served customized to your taste. We however, chose to go with the specialty, which was the Buffalo sauce, served with my favourite bleu cheese. We were also spoilt for choice for a starter dish too- its so extensive, that they have about five or six varieties just of quesadillas (SAR 35), which are our all-time favourites! For the main course, its quite helpful that a few of the burgers come in two sizes- a larger, 200 oz serving for SAR 45, as well as junior burgers for SAR 35. They also have a variety of Greek gyros, which my husband loves; unfortunately, we were informed that no gyro meat was available. We ended up ordering a Mushroom and Mozzarella burger, and a junior Beef & Bacon cheeseburger. Speaking of taste, our chicken quesadillas were delicious; we loved them.

In all, we spent less than 150 riyals, which makes the restaurant at par with most of the other places in Jeddah. Taste-wise, I would say it probably depends on what you order; the ambience and service definitely would get 10/10  so its a nice place to hang out with friends (particularly on a game night), so dont give it a miss!

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