Brasa de Brazil

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Al Andalus road, near Tihama bookstore

Our meal began with me asking my husband “why would anyone want to eat 12 different types of meat in one meal?” To which he responded, “Why wouldn’t you?” I hadn’t been to Brasa de Brasil for the reason that I don’t eat meat and I thought that the meal would be wasted on me, how wrong I was. My husband however loves his meat and had been bugging me to go for a long time.

We weren’t disappointed; the whole meal was very enjoyable. There’s and all you can Eat Grill option for only 160 SR per person. We first helped ourselves to the salad bar. There was a good selection of salads and soups, everything was fresh and tasty.

Then came the meats. With the main there were different rice’s, potatoes, vegetables and delicious beans. They bring the meat (fish and prawns) on large skewers to your table. There is a little wooden ornament on your table if you leave the black side up they keep bringing you food until you turn it to the red side. Only then will they stop. My husband kept going until he had sampled all the meats, trying everything from Chicken, Ostrich & Turkey to a variety of Beef, Baby Camel & even Deer (venison)! This is the real deal, a Brazilian Churrascaria, with BBQ and Grill to boot. and with 15 varieties of meat, you certainly shouldn’t go hungry.

As if that wasn’t enough they also have a good selection of desserts. We sampled most of them but the crème brulee was by far the best, we actually went back for more!

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