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Abdul Rahman bin Ahmed al Sudayrey Street and Sari

We were referred to Bhar after we visited S!bon and both are under the same management as Casper and Gambini’s. Knowing the quality of both the other eateries, we decided to give Bhar a try.
A small, casual and clean setting greeted us. Nothing fancy, basic white tables with contemporary chairs … but we were here to eat. There is no official family section and they quickly set up partition screens for us towards the back of the restaurant.
There is a wide choice of Lebanese grill items, hot and cold appetizers and you can choose between sandwiches, platters or a Bhar meal. A Bhar meal gives you your choice of platter, hommos, salad and a soft drink with prices ranging from 35-42SR for a meal. There were 4 of us and this seemed like a lot of food so we ordered three mixed grill meals and we would share … each mixed grill came with four skewers so we had plenty of meat.

The staff was very helpful and explained the different choices. First came some pickles and olives to munch on while the appetizers were being prepared. Next came a variety of dips and salads … we asked them to give us an assortment like a mezza. Now you might be asking why would I be writting about a type of cuisine that is so common … but there was nothing common about the delicious freshness that treated us! The tabbouleh had the perfect balance of lemon and spices, the salads were crisp and flavourful and the dips were wonderful.
Next came our grills … they were grilled to perfection! The shish taouk was juicy, not dry and overcooked like many other eateries. The grilled beef was tender and not the texture of chewing gum. The kebabs were delicious (kebabs are not one of my favorites but even I enjoyed them!). Even the pieces of meat were generous, not tiny and burnt! Everything had flavour! Our table was overflowing with a cornucopia of fresh delicious food!

For a simple restaurant, the trendy square plates and presentation of food was very appealing in simple white dishes. Our total bill with service charge came to 149SR for 4 adults. And we had to take home almost a full plate of meat because we could not finish everything. As we were leaving, the chef was making grilled beef sandwiches, which at 12SR each looked like a great deal with large pieces of meat and grilled veggies rolled into a pita … for next time.

Sometimes we pay so much extra for ambience and mediocre food … but we should look for quality restaurants that give us value for our money. Look no further, Bhar will not disappoint you!

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