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Food Court, Flamingo Mall

Bar B Q Tonight Jeddah is a Pakistani chain of restaurants that has recently opened up in Flamingo Mall. It is located at the end of the food court, and has a warm, glittery entrance, enthralling you with the aroma of their grilled food.

The seating area inside is quite large, with open seating as well as some private booths. The décor, however, is very sparse- tables with plain white tablecloths and a few glasses. However, you are immediately distracted by the courteous service of the waiter, who leads you to the other side of the restaurant, towards their buffet area, which is quite the opposite, as they offer a lot of variety of food!

Their salads range from some local Arab ones (baba ganouj, hummus) to green salads to some Pakistani raitas. As for the main course, there’s even more variety; so much that you would definitely need to make a second trip to enjoy all of the delicious Pakistani delicacies. The spread begins with three kinds of rice- vegetarian, non-vegetarian and plain rice served with ‘karhi’, followed by a couple of dishes of vegetables, chicken ‘quorma’ etc, and finally leading towards their specialty- the bar-be-que items. They had at least 4 kinds of bar-be-qued chicken items. However, I was disappointed to see that they lacked a variety in the non-poultry menu, apart from one serving of beef seekh kebabs, particularly when I have heard that they’re famous in Pakistan for their lamb chops. They also served a fried fish which desperately needed refilling.

The food however, tasted really good- mild on spices (probably to cater to local tastes) but full of flavours and seasonings. The meal is completed with their final course of desert- Umm Ali, ‘halwa’, and, I was impressed to see, a diet ‘halwa’ as well, which of course I didn’t try out!

Bar B Q Tonight Jeddah has definitely made it’s mark in the South-east Asian community here, as we could see from the crowd even on a weeknight, but there were also people from other nationalities who seemed to be definitely enjoying their food. They’ve made a good start. There are some areas which need refinement, that I’m sure they will catch up on with time.

There’s only a fixed buffet menu, and you can’t order a-la-carte. At SAR 49 on weekends and SAR 39 on weekdays (free for children under 6, and drinks not included), you will definitely get more than your money’s worth when you make a visit there!

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