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Ahmed Al Attas Street close to Souk Al Shati

When someone is having overseas visitors it is a daily question what to do and what to show them when in Jeddah. With a big Restaurant scene its obvious that you also want to introduce them to good Arabic food.

A good way to do so is visiting Bab Al Yemen Jeddah, or Gate of Yemen. This is a fairly new restaurant near to Saudi German Hospital.

Bab Al Yemen Jeddah Restaurant looks l a little bit like a old fort from the outside and has a traditional design inside. It blends very well the traditional elements of Arabic heritage with modern lighting and pictures on its wall. The seating arrangements are comfortable, a little lounge like as all tables have a sofa and big chairs.

The menu is very much Arabic with only the names of each dish translated to English. It is advised to ask the waiter for a explanation if you cant read Arabic. The waiters here have never disappointed me and always gave me very good information on the food.

Same today, when visiting with my family I asked him to recommend some dish as well explain them to us, so we could order what we liked. I remembered that their food is rather spicy, so we requested to have it a little bit milder to suit the taste of my guests.

I shall just briefly described what we have ordered. There was: Shafoot (Appetizer), Cheesy Bread, Rice, Malokhia (Meat), Kebdah (Meat), Salta (Vegetables), Gamberi Mofah (Prawns) and the drinks being Nakeea Red and White plus a pot of Red Tea.

Our order arrived promptly and my guests were fascinated about the presentation. All dishes came in traditional stone plate or steel pots. The hot dishes came out steaming and sizzling, that left a huge impression. All the dishes were so delicious that we finished everything without leaving even a little bit in the bowls or plates. The Liver which we ordered was particular good, so was the Cheesy Bread with the various spicy and mild dips. Check out the pictures in the top box under the pictures tab because “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

We were so satisfied with the dinner that we ordered one portion Bent Al Sahan Cake. It turned out to be a “whole” cake with honey, we took 3/4 home! The total bill at Bab Al Yement was SR 160.00 incl. 10% Srvc

This place should not be missed, even if my review is rather short because the dishes are difficult to describe. But be assured, you will not be disappointed or regret paying a visit to this fantastic place. Enjoy a tasty Yemeni dinner in a deluxe setting of a restaurant. For those who know the Yemeni food and can read Arabic much better than me should maybe leave a proper comment for the other readers by replying to this review.

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