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Rawdah St, Near Pearls Cafe

I have always,and will always be a fan of Atayeb.I think I can probably speak for half of Jeddah when I say that I love their cupcakes.They always have very cute little designs on them.The cake that actually makes up the cupcakes is nothing special in itself.It could almost be from a Betty Crocker mix.But the icing is amazing,and makes the whole cupcake unique.Each one costs 5SR which may sound like a lot,but I think is worth it, especially if its just a mini indulgence.

They also have cookies,brownies,mini carrot cupcakes and mini lemon cupcakes and these little iced squared of cake.My second favourite thing is the little iced squares,which I think cost 2SR each,but I cant swear too because I usually buy in bulk!They are delicious and very soft.Ive taken them to different countries for friends on a quite a few occasions,and Im sure one of two of you out there will have done as well!The carrot and lemon cupcakes are very nice too,but not the best ive ever had.

The brownies dont really qualify as brownies,theyre more like brown cake… They also will custom make cakes,they have lots of books with photographs of cake designs,and they are really cool.Expensive,so be warned.But weve ordered them a few times.

The cakes can either be chocolate or vanilla,or half half.The cookies are soft and not too sweet,but I can definitely say that their main chocolate and vanilla cupcakes are the best thing to go and try if youve never been there before.The interior decor is very fun too,very colourful,so its always nice to go there.All in all, a good place to go and pick up some treats!

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