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Asia restaurant is a Chinese cum Thai restaurant located on Sary Street is known to be a longstanding favourite among the Asian expats in Jeddah. Reasonably priced, the food served is probably the most authentic Thai cuisine one could find in Jeddah. Favourites in this simple yet pleasant restaurant include the Tom Yum Kum soup and deep-fried grouper with tasty chilli sauce.

My husband and I are lovers of Thai cuisine and have visited this restaurant several times. The famous Tom Yum soup which is available with either seafood or prawns is served piping hot in a steamboat. There is an option of making the soup spicier although we were not too pleased with the final product. While we had expected cut bird’s eye chillies to be put into the soup, it was chilli sauce that was added. We ordered mango salad which had the right amount of sourness and sweetness. The menu contains a wide range of chicken, beef and seafood along with a limited options of vegetables. Tofu was missing from the menu and this comes as a huge surprise because tofu is an integral item in Thai cuisine.

The fish that we ordered came fresh although spicy curry paste was by no standards spicy. In fact, it tasted a little too sweet and sour for our liking. Desserts are also limited. Having ordered a pot of green tea, soup, mango salad, fried fish fillets in chilli sauce, kangkong and noodles, the bill was a bearable 110 SAR.

The staff are relatively efficient and quick to take orders when they are not busy. Food is served quite quickly even on crowded days. My final verdict is that the Thai cuisine in Asia restaurant is the best in the city although not up to the mark yet. Having eaten at the Villa restaurant in Riyadh, the Thai cuisine there was fabulous with several authentically Thai options like basil fried fish and fish in red curry paste.  Perhaps Asia kitchen should consider tailoring their dishes such that they are more reflective of Thai dishes and incorporate ingredients like red curry, green curry, basic, pineapple rice, etc. All said, Asia Kitchen gets the thumbs up for being the best Thai restaurant in Jeddah.

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