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Airplane roundabout

Amou Hamza is maybe the 3rd or 4th sea food restaurant that I have tried here in Jeddah. I have to say for someone who does not have a great fondness for sea food, I had a wonderful experience there. I have to start with the atmosphere and the interior design of the family section of the restaurant (airplane roundabout branch). Once you enter the family section, you immediately feel that you have entered an underwater cave with all the walls made to look like the inside of a water cave. Also, from inside the booth you can see what is happening outside from the fish tank designed windows, which I believe would have had a better effect if they were actually filled with small fish.

Concerning their food, my husband and myself ordered the shrimp soup which was only 10SR. It was a medium sized bowl which was filled to the rim with creamy minced shrimp soup. However, I have to say, I ordered my soup spicy, and spicy was definitely an understatement. So I recommend one to not order anything spicy unless you can endure 100% red chilli peppers. We also ordered a small platter of mixed salad which included 5 different salads, which unlike other restaurants had the taste of freshness and didn’t have any foreign objects in it like pieces from other salads. I particularly liked the mish (which is the red salad,it is made from cheese with tomato sauce). This platter cost 15SR, and of course your order comes with fresh bread straight from the oven, and you can order a second serving of bread with no extra charge.

For the main dish, we ordered a platter of fried shrimp 35SR, sayedaya rice 5SR, grilled sho3our 1kg 46SR, and tajen calamari 25SR. Words can not explain my love for the fried shrimp platter, and I advise anyone who goes there to definately try the fried shrimp platter. The shrimp was above average in its size, and the quantity in the platter was enough for me and my husband and also my two small kids. As for the seasoning, the mixture of bread crumbs and spices was to perfection. There was no need for the extra 3 sauces they serve with the food free of charge (tehena, red sauce, and balsamic viniger sauce). The shrimp was moist, not dry with a crispy crunch to it from the bread crumbs. As for the grilled fish, my most favorite part was they way they cut it up removing most of the bones which is one of the reasons I don’t like sea food in the first place, it is too messy to eat.

At the end of the meal I had intended to have dessert, but was too full to have anything other than a small serving of ice cream.

After finishing our dinner which came to a total of 158SR for two adults and two children, which in my opinion is a reasonable price, my kids enjoyed the rides they have in the kids section which includes about maybe 10 games also enclosed in a cave like design.

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