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Next to Casablanca Hotel

A few months ago, a friend mentioned a pizza place to me, which in his opinion served the best pizza in Saudi Arabia. I did not take much notice of his recommendation since to me most pizza’s taste the same , but when he kept going on about how great Amigo’s pizza were, my taste buds started to tingle. He mentioned the perfect flavour of the pizza, together with a base which was light , crispy, and did not make you feel too full at the end of it.

The only problem at the time was that Amigo’s pizza only had a branch in Makkah. So one Friday, on the way back from Makkah with my family, we decided to make a detour to the Azizia area of Makka , where Amigo’s has a branch. Our high expectations were not disappointed by the pizza’s we had that afternoon. The two toppings we tried were more tasty than anything we had tasted before from Pizza Hut or Dominoes. Also the base was perfect, light and crispy, and it did not make you feel too full.

Then during the summer, we started to hear rumours that Amigo’s were planning to open a couple of branches in Jeddah. One of them opened after Ramadan in the Salamah area of Jeddah, next to Casablanca hotel. The small outlet is for takeway and delivery orders only. Well worth a try if you want an alternative to the usual pizza brands.

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