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Khalidya Market, Rawdah Street

Jeddah has been blessed with the presence of Al Baik for as long as I can remember. That place is usually one of the first associations to Jeddah that comes to mind when asked to tell about the city, and it’s one of the first things you miss about Jeddah when you’re abroad. Another interesting fact about Al Baik is that there are some people out there who are addicted to the food Al Baik serves, and they’re not necessarily overweight. If I’m not mistaking, there’s an Al Baik fan site created by fans. How many restaurants you know have a fan site?

Al Baik Jeddah is not just another fast food restaurant. The reason why Al Baik is so loved by many is not only the amazingly tasty variety of food they serve; but comes in account the reasonable prices, the many convenient locations, the obvious care about hygiene, the sharp professionalism, and the numerous contributions to society Al Baik brought to the table over the years. It’s probably never been said but it’s obvious, Al Baik Jeddah cares about the community and we care about it in return.

Moving on to the menu. As we grew up, Al Baiks menu grew with us, from serving fried chicken to fried shrimps, to chicken nuggets, to fish fillets, to sandwiches and fried chicken burgers. You get the option of spicing up anything chicken in that menu. They also offer side orders like hummus, coleslaw salad, corn and fries. As for the sauces, you got the legendary garlic sauce for the chicken, the ever so tasty cocktail sauce for the shrimp, and the unnamed chicken nuggets dip sauce. Both the garlic and the cocktail sauces are offered as a side order in a larger size. The nugget dip sauce on the other hand, is not. However, if you asked for extra, they will give it to you for free. There’s also tartar sauce that complements the fish fillet. They simply don’t work without each other.

The food quality and taste is what makes Al Baik Jeddah what it is today. It’s what the fuss is all about. The secret ingredient they add to the crust is what makes all the difference. The magical touch that makes all the pain go away. The extra mile that crushes competition over and over.

As for the interior, Al Baik Jeddah has always been following the booth system, which is working great for them. There aren’t any wiggling tables or seats as they’re all attached to the walls. The place is always well cooled, even in the hottest days of summer. And the best thing about their interior is that it’s smoke free.

The service, top-notch with a smile. If you’re ordering take-out, you’ll only get to see how quick they’ll get you your order when your number comes up. But, if you’re dining in, there’s always a staff member who comes to your table to check if you need anything, brings you water, tissues, some extra ketchup or bread, and toothpicks when you’re about to finish.

Last but not least, the smell. It’s their way of advertising. All you have to do is drive pass a branch and experience the overwhelming and incredible smell of Al Baik that reminds you how hungry you are and leaves you smiling if you chose not to stop for a meal.

Overall, Al Baik Jeddah is most certainly qualified in every aspect to be the best in the business. If you ask me, it’s the reason why there’s no place like home.

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