Al Tazaj

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Tahlia Street

Al Tazaj is a BBQ Chicken restaurant chain in Jeddah, with over thirteen different branches in Jeddah and dozens more across the country and beyond in places such as Egypt, UAE, Lebanon, the US and Malaysia. The Chicken is marinated in a ‘secret sauce’ and grilled over wood charcoal, it’s probably quite a healthy meal if you have it with a garden salad or corn on the cob. Other alternative side dishes include french fries, and Taza Rice, which are both pretty greasy. Sauces are available to flavour the chicken, Garlic and Tahina are the most popular, both of which go surprisingly well with the chicken. Basbousa is available for desert, and Kids Meals are also on offer with a McDonalds-like surprise toy. Worth trying at least once if you like you’re a fan of grilled chicken.

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