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Amir Majed Street, opposite Taba Centre.

A little before Pizza Hut and Baskin Robbins (on the other side of the road opposite from the Taba Centre), lies a little burger joint called Al Burger. Al Burger had also been touted by some on the site as one of ‘the best’ burger joints in Jeddah, so I quite was keen to try it out.

This is probably not the kind of place you would want to linger too long,there is certainly no family section, but that’s not really a problem as most people order takeout.

Two lonely drinks fridges sit in the corner of the room, and the fast food like tables look like they’ve seen better days. But its not all bad, a Flat screen tv is available if you fancy watching something while you wait (or eat).

On the plus side dedicated customer parking is available. The menu is pretty standard in burger joint terms, chicken, beef and fish burgers are available. Along with nuggets, hotdogs and deep fried onion rings.

For the hungry, a special ‘Al Burger’ is also available which is basically a double burger with an extra bun in the middle of it. If you’re looking for desserts, they do also make apple pies which look similar to those available at McDonalds.

We ordered Cheeseburger meals to go, (10 SAR each with fries and a can of soda) and were happy to see the multi tasking cashier/cook prepare and cook the patties on the grill right before us in the open plan kitchen.

After about 10 minutes or so the burgers were ready, condiments are then offered, we kept it simple and went for plain old ketchup..

These were then finally wrapped in aluminium foil, before being put back on the grill for a further minute or so.

Now for the taste test..The Burgers were surprisingly good, very juicy, if a little soggy. It may be worth applying ketchup and mayonnaise yourself at home if you are not eating in, as by the time we returned, the burger was literally dripping, and the buns although nice and soft were also pretty soaked.

Despite this, the meat was good, if a little firm, Overall a good burger, and as it is grilled it was far from greasy, worth trying if you’re in the area, but I wouldn’t cross town just for the sake of it.

It is worth noting, on leaving the joint we noticed a large poster in the window, advertising 2 FREE chicken drumsticks with every purchase of four burgers, feeling slightly let down (as we had bought 5), we popped back inside to ask the cashier why we handout received these, to this he replied the offer does not apply to meals, only standard burgers.

This made little if any sense to us, in effect customers who spend less i.e 8 SR are rewarded with the chicken drumsticks, but those that spend more i.e full meals at 10 SR are not. We would have assumed it would have been the opposite way round.

This was also not mentioned on the poster, so if you’re looking for a deal, perhaps a meal is not the way to go, this may be a better option as the chips were nothing special. That being said, we didn’t get a chance to try the drumsticks.

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