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If you are interested in listing a Restaurant, Cafe or Food & Beverage outlet , please see details on our membership page to compare the two packages we offer for listings. (Premium & Elite)



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Jeddah Food Member Restaurant listings includes additional enhancements to their pages, additional photos in their restaurant gallery, multiple menus, access to your very own business dashboard to manage your own venue details, plus your own Special Offer/Events/Dining Deal page on the website and mobile site, along with inclusion in our Email Offers Newsletter all for a small annual membership fee. Our ‘Elite’ Membership includes even further benefits such has Call to Action Buttons, Social Media Credits, Email Campaigns and more!


Get More Exposure (Ad Banners)

Targeted advertising banner spots will enable businesses to increase exposure to their brand. These banners can be seen across the site, and will encourage greater feedback from your customer base. Clients also gain additional exposure of their special offers in the special offers area of the site .


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