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Abdulrahman Ahmed Al Sodairi St

Abu Zaid Restaurants specialize in Mutabag and Maasoob, both local Saudi Dishes that are a great alternative to the usual Shawurma, or Franchise takeaways Jeddah has to offer. Some of the desserts on offer at Abu Zaid were in the past only served in Ramadan, although now they are available all year round.

The Abu Zaid locations are very much like Shawurma joints in town, and are primarily targeting the takeaway crowd. Although you can, if you wish choose to sit in the restaurant, on one of the many multi coloured plastic chairs available.

The food is what draws in the crowds and it can get busy, so dont be surprised if you have to queue while you wait for your food to be prepared.

Mutabag, is a bit like a thick pancake folded and cut in squares. Four different types are available at Abu Zaid, Meat & egg, vegetables, cheese, and banana mutabag (which is nice and sweet). All are worth a try, the meat can be a little salty. Savory dishes are served with lemon and a small chili in case you want to spice things up a bit.

Maasoob is a traditional Hijazi Dish.. and is basically bananas, dates and bread all mashed up together. It looks like it might be a banana crumble, but it isn’t very crumbly, less crumbs, more squish. There are three variations of this on offer at Abu Zaid. Plain Maasoob (bananas, dates and bread), special Maasoob (with honey), and Maasoob with Cream.

I tried all three when I last went to visit, I can see why many people might prefer the cream, the maasoob can be a bit dry on its own. But then I’m sure you could get a similar effect at home with some yoghurt.

The maasoob serving is pretty big, so don’t try and eat a dish all on your own unless you like putting on weight, this is the atkins diets nightmare, (but it does taste good!) you’ve been warned.. as they say….a moment on the lips… a life time on the hips..

Shawurma, Foul (beans) and Tamees (Grilled Arabic Bread) are also all available at Abu Zaid. Fresh Milk and Laban (Yogurt Drink) are also served fresh here.

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