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Who writes the reviews?

The site is written by visitors for visitors, there are no ‘paid for’ reviews here. Anybody can create a free account and start writing reviews. Or use the Add a a Restaurant Feature at the top of the site to submit reviews and details.

What you get is real peoples opinions. Restaurateurs appreciate the value of such feedback, constructive criticism helps restaurants address and respond to any shortcomings they may have. Jeddah Food strives to remain fair and neutral, allowing anyone to respond to a review, a negative review can always be countered by another positive one in the comments and vice versa.

Advertising Banners are available on the site but you can rest assured that they will in no way affect the neutrality of reviews on the site. If you think you can write reviews, please signup now as a Jeddahfood Member!

How the Ratings work

The Top 10 sections are also created based on user feedback, the most popular searches, and most importantly the rating (which anybody can give a restaurant without even signing up). These are the 5 Stars you see at the top of each review.

To Rate the restaurant out of Five simply click the number of stars you think it deserves and voila! you’ve rated the restaurant, quick and simple. These Numbers then help us decide objectively which restaurants deserve to be in the Top 10 Category of their cuisine.

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If you want to review a restaurant already listed, you can

  • visit its page and post a comment with your opinion,
  • vote for the restaurant by applying a star rating which you think it deserves.
  • submit an entirely new review by the Add a Restaurant Feature at the top of the page or emailing us your review.

If you want to write a review of a restaurant not listed then we also welcome your contribution, Please use the Add a Restaurant Feature at the top of the page. When you’re done click submit and it will be checked by the Jeddah Team as soon as possible before being posted online. It’s a piece of cake, you could be food critic in minutes..!

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Posting Policy

First of all, it should be noted that on Jeddah Food, reviews and directory are all user submitted content.’ While our guide is advertiser-supported, we also provide a FREE basic listing for every Restaurant in Jeddah. This provides greater value to our visitor.

How Jeddah Food Works

1. Users Register for a profile or can submit their review on the site ‘Add a Restaurant’ or by email.

2. We read all reviews submitted. Occasionally we may edit a review for length, clarity and language. We may also edit for spelling or grammar. If a review is edited we will strive to maintain its overall message.

3. All reviewers will be identified by user name.

4. Because our Restaurant Guide and review section is supported by advertisers, we may from time to time, pass along reviews to our advertisers to give them the option to respond to the praise/criticism and/or make amends at their discretion.

There is one point we’d like to make very clear: while this site accepts advertisements from restaurants, reviews are not for sale here. Advertising doesn’t buy good reviews!

5. We must exercise an appropriate amount of control over reviews. Postings that are considered off topic will not be posted to the website. Likewise, postings that exhibit offensive language or rhetoric, reviews that are incomplete or factually incorrect or if we believe that any review is inappropriate or abusive, profane, lewd, suggestive or improper, it won’t get published. Share your experience, not your anger.

6. If your review for an establishment is positive, then general praise is alright. If you’re going to complain about a Restaurant, then you need to give us complete details. If you tell us something like “Ali’s restaurant was terrible!”, we’re not going to post your review. Why? Because we don’t know what was wrong, we need details. The Feedback we receive from you is often be passed on to the restaurant in question, we believe such constructive criticism will help raise the standards of Restaurants, and identify any shortcomings so that they can be rectified. Feedback is a valuable tool for such Restaurants.

In other words, if you say a place needs some improvements you have to be clear. Was it the service? Was it the food? if so why? People who read your reviews need to get as much detail as possible regarding your experience.

We reserve the right to post, not post, edit or delete reviews that are submitted through our website. We furthermore assume no legal liability for any information posted to or stored within our restaurant guide and review section, or the effect of its Users’ comments on the patronage of an establishment. Users’ comments do not reflect the opinion or feelings of the owners of this website, its affiliates, management, staff, or partners.

No individual represents the opinion of jeddahfood.com Restaurant Guide regarding any establishment.

6. RESTAURANTS – We are always happy to list ANY restaurant in Jeddah free of charge, if you would like to list your own restaurant, or provide more details, please use the ‘Add a Restaurant’ Feature at the top of the site. Please provide a description of your venue which will be placed on the restaurant page until a review is made available by one of your customers.

Also, if our data about a restaurant is incorrect or outdated, please send us an email notifying us of the problem right way. We strive to maintain accurate contact details and website info on restaurants listed where available.

Reviews submitted by restaurateurs or on their behalf won’t be published. If you are a Restaurant Please provide a Restaurant Description only when using the form. For publicity for your restaurant or venue, we recommend you advertise your site instead. click the Advertise Link at the top of this page for details on Advertising, or click here.

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