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8 months ago

its across sarry street… bridge … over jarir.. on the right when you are heading to corniche

8 months ago

Leylaty has recently re-opened Mutlaqa, a seafood buffet restaurant that is open from noon to midnight and weekend brunches. Mutlaqa is located in Al Malek road, Leylaty complex, just beside Toki Chinese restaurant.

Upon reaching the parking area, customers are greeted and assisted by the restaurant’s security and staff. The experience starts there. A very accommodating service by Mutlaqa from beginning to end. The restaurant gives a contemporary touch with a classic ambience. The white tables and comfortable olive green seats match the gray walls which are decorated with pictures of famous personalities from the past that would bring back memories of classic English movies.

Dining there for lunch, customers are given a variety of bread in cute portions as starters. Appetizers like salad, tabouli, stuffed vine leaves, Mexican Quinoa, Piemontaiso salad are served along with other dishes. A spread of different cheeses are also available to match the guests’ choice of bread.

A display of minute salmon and thinly sliced samples of najeel carpaccio are perfectly laid down which fresh seafood lovers will definitely go for. Sushi and rolls are served for dinner seafood buffet.

There’s pasta and risotto station where chefs await as customer choose and inform them the style of pasta, the ingredients and sauce they want for their pasta. Different sauces and ingredients are available so one can mix and match all the possible combinations. This station is great for those who will bring kids as they can choose which ingredients they want on their pasta plate.

The mushroom soup is highly recommendable. It gives that creamy and wild mushroom taste that is definitely far from the ordinary mushroom soup at home or in other restaurants.

For the main lunch dishes, the best ones that should be tried are the tasty grilled vegetables, salmon fillet marinated in turmeric, tender roasted beef with black pepper, and breaded najeel muiniere. They also serve vegetable lasagna, crispy potato darphin, gratinated potatoes and more. For those who want rice, they offer basmati rice with cardamom.

The dessert is always one of the best trademarks of a Leylaty owned restaurant. The presentation and the quality of ingredients used in their desserts make every elegant dessert they make, a mouth-watering one. Kids will love their dessert station where they can choose from different ice cream flavors and top it with sprinkles like chocolates, cereals, and fruits. Fruit tarts, fruit salads, and different chocolates and sweet pastries are available to complete the Multaqa fine dining experience.

Menus change weekly in Multaqa so customers get to taste a variety of food every time they visit the restaurant. Multaqa serves lunch (12:30-3:30 PM), dinner (7:00PM-12:00MN), weekend brunch (1:00-4:00 PM).

8 months ago

With the change of season in Jeddah comes an urge for families to enjoy the cool breeze outside. Park Hyatt has met that by offering an outdoor family BBQ night every weekend at Park Hyatt’s Dardasha restaurant.

The alfresco casual set up of the Dardasha backyard provides excitement to kids and parents as they cheerfully move from one BBQ station to another. It reminds me of those American movies of families having a picnic at the park, grilling burgers and happily sharing stories. That’s actually what you will get while staying in this BBQ backyard. Sitting there makes one feel the winter air coming from the Red Sea while torches playfully lit the place adding that cozy dining experience. There are seats laid on the fresh green grass which perfectly gives an outdoor picnic ambiance that families will love. The timing is just so perfect for an outdoor activity like this.

The moment I entered the open kitchen, I could already smell the different meats being grilled. It just makes one’s appetite increase more and more as they approach the long table of foods. The buffet spreads different BBQ grilling stations for every meat available like beef burger, slices of grilled chicken and beef, a block of veal meat, najeel fish, chicken shawarma, whole chicken and grilled lamb. It was such an array of savory meat to choose from. Be sure to have a slice of everything. There are also sauces available for every grilled meat. The char grilled flavor bursts out in every bite especially for the beef and burger.

Opposite the grilling stations are the salads and appetizers. The creamy shrimp salad is something worth trying as it gives that bold seafood taste that makes a good starter for the rest of the meals. There are tasty grilled vegetables, mashed potatoes, French fries and other side dishes to complement the grilled meat.

The dessert station offers great choices of portions of sweets like red velvet, French macarons, blueberry cheesecake and various tropical fruits and chocolates. Some of the sweets were added edible flowers that create a unique flowery taste that will surely wake one’s taste buds.

Drinks are included in the 179 SR price which rarely happens or cannot be seen in most hotels and resorts in Jeddah. Usually, there’s an additional cost when you order drinks, but not in this one. Now, that’s a really good catch to try Park Hyatt’s BBQ night with your family. I must say that their Lemon and mint juice has the perfect balance of sweet and sour flavor that will make you have more than one glass.

The colorful attire of the staff in the grilling stations and the quick service of the crew who were always available when needed, added cheerfulness to the entire BBQ night’s casual dining experience.

During weekdays, Dardasha offers ladies’ spa and restaurant while weekends are reserved for family BBQ night from 9:30pm – 12:30am.